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Building website

Build website to introduce your company, build web application, booking system with payment, cloud system application,...

Develop mobile application

We make NATIVE mobile application on IOS, Android, Windows Phone and build application for integrated to your current systems.

Develop hybrid app

Analysis, develop application run on cloud to help you working everywhere, every time.

Develop system application

Analyze and design your system applications base on JAVA, .NET, C++,...Build closed system application or integrated into your current system.

Analyze and develop IOT system

Analyze and develop IOT (Internet Of Things) system on open source, analyze business logic to make your systems run with a high performance. Apply IOT to Image Processing, collect and analyze sensor data,...

Virtual Call center

Establish Virtual Call Center to help your company save money, easy to manager, stored and easy to take care your customers.


We focus to human for development is our mission, we built a professional team, creative and active. Our products were created by our passions, smart and highly creative.

What we do


Innovation and creativity are always exercised at S-Soft,Moreover, the training and self-learning of new technologies are matters of concern with human of S-Soft. Our members always sharing and researching on the latest trend.

Look at the future

We always analyze, discuss and focus on new technologies. Find out the right ways and apply advanced technologies are our guideline.

Smart solutions

With the experiences and enthusiasm of our leaders at S-Soft, we found solutions and the best way for your project, save your money and time. Set sustainability, long-term development are the foundation for every projects.




We always consider you

You are a businessman, you have ideas and want to build your product ? Let contact us right now !



Join to S-SOFT

You are a creative person, enthusiasm and have a passion with develop applications ? Let contact us right now to develop your skills, rising your passion !


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